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Our Main Successes/Accomplishments
  • The submission of a petition, containing 42, 000 names, to the National Assembly (2002)
  • Gaining recognition that the fight against cancer in Québec is a governmental priority (2003)
  • Organizing three forums and a General Assembly on the fight against cancer in Québec:
  • 2004: The needs of individuals affected by cancer
  • 2005: The role of actors, the reality of stakeholders and exemplary practices
  • 2006:  Socio-economic issues related to cancer
  • 2007: The General Assembly on the fight against cancer
  • Implementation and publication of 68 recommendations to beat cancer in Québec (2007)
  • Establishment of a joint committee (Coalition/MSSS) in order to elaborate and implement a fight-against-cancer-plan for Québec
  • Establishment of a network of supporters for the fight against cancer (2008)
  • Support the submission of bill 393 on the creation of a cancer agency in Québec (2008)
  • Establishment of a scientific committee (2008)
  • Continuously raise awareness and mobilize Québec elected officials
  • Development of a Facebook page to allow the circulation of information (2009)
  • The conduction of a survey amongst volunteer cancer-focused organizations on their view regarding the fight against cancer (2009)
  • Québec’s representation at the Canadian Cancer Action Network on the fight against cancer (CCAN) (2009)
  • Promotion of clinical research in Québec (since 2009)
  • National conferences to beat cancer in 2009, 2010 and 2011
  • Publishing of a special manual Gesca (1.5 million copies) “Beating Cancer” (2009 and 2011)
  • Publication of a qualitative research report “Access to care and support for individuals affected by cancer” in Québec, Léger Marketing (2009)
  • Claiming the rights of people affected by cancer in regards to shortages of medical radio-isotopes tests and of breast cancer markers (2009-2010)
  • Request an extension of the federal unemployment insurance program for up to 50 weeks for those who have to leave a job because of cancer (2010)
  • Publication of “The economic cost of cancer in Québec” report written by economists Pierre Boucher and Henri Beauregard (2010)
  • Support bill 394 on the creation of a Québec Agency for the fight against cancer 2011 (2011)
  • Organizing a regional tour on access to medications, treatments and services in eight (8) cities in Québec (2011)
  • Creation of the Pat Burns Award, dedicated to Québec caregivers (2011)

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