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The party leaders give their opinion (in french)
As part of the 2015 federal election, party leaders have been asked to pronounce on the issue of extending employment insurance for people with long diseases.

09 février 2016 – Mémoire sur le projet de loi 56 sur la transparence en matière de lobbyisme au Québec

28 janvier 2016 – Avis Présenté au Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être dans le cadre de la consultation publique sur le panier de services

20 aout 2015 – Mémoire sur le projet de loi 44, loi visant à renforcer la lutte contre le tabagisme

The role of your MP is to represent the citizen at the National Assembly and to participate in voting on Bills that have a significant influence in your daily life. You can communicate with your MP whether it’s to ask questions on current topics that are in the news, on projects that are under the process of being voted on or to express an opinion on a situation that you have lived through.

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