Think Tank on Cancer Clinical Trials Registries

On June 11, 2019, the Quebec Cancer Coalition held its first Think Tank on the needs of people affected by cancer with the key stakeholders in cancer clinical trials in Quebec and Canada. Over 30 people representing research organizations, oncologists, patient associations, and members of our Patient, Survivour and Caregiver Committee participated. We discussed existing platforms and services, as well as the unmet needs of patients and caregivers. The objective of this Think Tank was to brainstorm together on a potential solution for patients and caregivers to be able to find bilingual, accurate and up-to-date, and easy to use information about the available cancer clinical trials for them. This solution would be Quebec-initiated but pan-canadian in scope. It’s ultimate goals would be to empower patients and caregivers as well as to increase patient participation in clinical trials in Quebec and in Canada, and therefore improve access to life-saving therapies for the patients who need it the most.

Thanks to all that participated! Together, we can find a solution to increase information about and access to clinical trials for all patients in Quebec, and the rest of Canada.


List of participating organizations and representatives:

*members of the Quebec Cancer Coalition

** patients and caregivers are members of our Patient, Survivour and Caregiver Committe  

  • BioCanRx* – Stéphanie Michaud, PhD
  • Canadian Caregivers Network* / Huddol* – Mark Stolow
  • Catalis – Danika Laberge
  • Caregiver – Dominique Séguin
  • Caregiver – Louise Laurion
  • Caregiver – Donald Desprès
  • CellCAN* – Craig Hasilo
  • Center for Commercialisation of Cancer Immunotherapy (C3i)* – Michel-Olivier Gratton, M.Sc.
  • Clinical trials simplified – Carole Abi Farah, PhD.
  • CML Society* & Patient – Cheryl-Ann Simoneau
  • Coalition Priorité Cancer au Québec – Eva Villalba
  • Colorectal Cancer Canada* & Patient – Barry Stein
  • CPAC/ Canadian Cancer Research Alliance / – Sara Urowitz, PhD.
  • Factually Health* -Lina Forcier
  • Facilitator – Stéphanie Bussières-Marmen, PhD
  • GEOQ – Dr. Bernard Lespérance; Anne Fajès; François Brouillet
  • Groupe McPeak-Sirois* – Dominique Johnson, PhD.
  • Innovation Exactis* – Sophie Mathieu, PhD.; Valerie Higenell
  • – Dr Elie Kassouf
  • Myeloma Canada* – Jérôme Olivier
  • Rossy Cancer Network – Alla’a Ali, MPH; Myriam Fernandez
  • Oncopole* – Maxime DumaisQCROC* – Lucie D’Amours
  • Patient – Catherine Wilhemy
  • Patient – Lucie Payette
  • Patient – Rachel Monette
  • Patient – Marilou Gougeon
  • Quebec Ministry of Health, Cancer program – Louise Paquet
  • Segal Cancer Center – Dr Gerald Batist

This event was made possible due to the financial support of: